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Let M be a soft manifold and G a Lie team. during this e-book we will examine infinite-dimensional Lie algebras linked either to the gang Map(M, G) of soft mappings from M to G and to the gang of dif­ feomorphisms of M. within the former case the Lie algebra of the gang is the algebra Mg of gentle mappings from M to the Lie algebra gof G. within the latter case the Lie algebra is the algebra Vect M of delicate vector fields on M. besides the fact that, it seems that during many purposes to box idea and statistical physics one needs to care for convinced extensions of the above pointed out Lie algebras. within the easiest case M is the unit circle SI, G is an easy finite­ dimensional Lie workforce and the significant extension of Map( SI, g) is an affine Kac-Moody algebra. the top weight idea of finite­ dimensional Lie algebras could be prolonged to the case of an affine Lie algebra. the $64000 element is that Map(Sl, g) will be cut up to confident and destructive Fourier modes and the finite-dimensional piece g corre­ sponding to the 0 mode.

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Pl2 - Ip12, wbere >. is tbe bigbest weigbt. PROPOSITION PROOF: Denote by 11 0 the part of 11 involving the x's. Let a,ß be roots and z E aß' Then adz maps aa into aa+ß and a_ß-a into a-a. By the invariance of the bilinear form, ([z, x], y) = -(x, [z, yJ), the former map is (-1) times the transpose of the latter. Let now ß be a simple root. We obtain [z,11 o] =2 L ([z,x~~]x~) + x~~[z,x~)J) aEoi>+ ,i ([ z x(i) ]x(i) , -a a + x(i) [z x(i) ]) -a+ß' a-ß ' Chapter 2 36 where we have done a simple renaming of the summation index in the last term.

If >. iV = 0 and so v is the lowest weight vector for a finite-dimensional Al-module. , a;) :; O. '). ' is a weight. For each 0 :::; i :::; l we define the linear map Let W = W(a, h) be the group generated by the fundamental refiections (Ti; W is called the Weyl group of (a, h). , ai) = 2()', ad/( ai, ad is well-defined for the simple roots because of (ai, ad cfO. In the case of a finite-dimensional semisimple algebra the Weyl group can equivalently be defined as the group generated by all reflections (Tc", corresponding to an arbitrary nonzero root, because in that case the inner product is positive definite.

FL) + (fL, >. 5). , >. - fL) = 0 = (fL, >. 5 follows that >. = fL and thus also fL = v. (2) Write (>. + p,>. ) - (fL,fL)] + 2(p,>. 5. Since (p, ad = ai, ai) > 0 Vi, in the case of equality sign we must have (>. - fL, ai) = 0 Vi. 8. ,a) a E ~. Then w>. = >. implies w = l. > 0 for all We shall define an antilinear antiautomorphism 0 of a by for all 0 ::; i ::; l. These relations determine 0 uniquely, since all the vectors corresponding to positive (respectively, negative) roots are obtained by taking commutators of the elements ei (respectively, fd, and the vectors hexi form a basis of h.

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