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Cosmos es un libro escrito por Carl Sagan en 1980, basado en l. a. serie de documentales Cosmos: Un viaje own que él mismo produjo junto a su última esposa Ann Druyan.

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The observer can experiment with varIOUS magmficatIons, averted VISIon, or a dark cloth to block stray light from entering the eye, to find which combinations work best for observing faint objects. Under conditions of low illumination, such as are frequently encountered in visual deep-sky observing, individuals differ greatly in retinal sensitivity. Some persons have large threshold g ins, but others � have very little. Also, the gain i n red light is generally more than m blue. In experiments at the Naval Research Laboratory i n the late 1 950s, one sub­ ject actually saw less as the image approached the edge of his retina.

Mostly looked but most f iled t see it. Os letters Everyone the Roset te. mailbox asking for help With seemg the elUSive wreathlike clouds we re filling my 2244. So I asked eaders of thi column if they would look for of ga s around NGC . I did the usual expenmentatlO n With the telescopes I had at hand. 1 � � NGC 223 7-39, the Rosette Nebula in Monoceros, surrounds the open star cluster N G C 2 2 4 4 l i ke a wreath. � � � � � M : Believable wisps of the Rosette were visible lo -power 5-inch Apogee telescope.

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