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By George Rhee

The seen universe includes stars and galaxies. one of many demanding situations of astronomy is to appreciate how galaxies and stars first got here into lifestyles over 13 billion years in the past. This publication tells the tale of our quest to resolve this challenge. 400 years after Galileo used his telescope to find the moons of Jupiter, we're utilizing new telescopes and tools to go looking for the 1st galaxies to shape after the large Bang. This e-book brings the reader to the present frontier of this topic and lays out many of the fascinating advancements we will be able to anticipate within the future years.

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U p o n hearing of the invention, Galileo set about attempting to improve it. Soon he had designed a n i n e - p o w e r telescope, three times more 611 powerful than Lipperhey's device, and within a year, he G A L I L E O G A L I L E I had produced a thirty- power telescope. W h e n he pointed the scope toward the skies in January 1610, the heavens literally opened up to humankind. T h e M o o n no longer appeared to be a perfectly smooth disc but was seen to be a mountainous and full of craters.

But since the mind shudders at either of these suppositions, and since it is quite unfitting to suppose that such a state of affairs exists a m o n g things which are established in the best system, it is agreed that their regular movements appear to us as irregular, whether on account of their circles having different poles or even because the Earth is not at the center of the circles in which they revolve. And so for us watching from the Earth, it happens that the transits of the planets, on account of being at unequal distances from the Earth, appear greater w h e n they are nearer than w h e n they are farther away, as has been shown in optics: Thus in the case of equal arcs of an orbital circle which are seen at different distances there will appear to be unequal movements in equal times.

1633. I, word. "The remark captivated sci- entists and scholars for centuries, as it represented defiance of obscurantism and nobility of purpose in the search for truth u n d e r the most adverse circumstances. Although an oil portrait of Galileo dating f r o m 1640 has been discovered bearing the inscription "Eppur si muove" most historians regard the story as myth. Still, it is entirely w i t h i n Galileos character to have only paid lip service to the Church's demands in his abjuration and then to have returned to his scientific studies, w h e t h e r they adhered to n o n - C o p e r n i c a n principles or not.

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