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By C. Ammen

Describes the sand foundry, the features of molding sand, the categories of mould and trend making gear, and a few of the sand casting systems for forming metals.

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410. Steel flasks can be purchased in all sizes with any size cope and drag depth, or combination of different cope and drag depths and any type of pin and guide arrangement your heart desires. SNAP FLASK A snap flask is a flask, usually made of cherrywood, whereby after the mold is made the flask can be removed by opening the flask and lifting it off of the mold, leaving the mold as a block of sand on the bottom board. See Fig. 411. Both cope and drag have in corner "A," a hinge and in comer " B a cam locking device.

With a gate cutter we cut a M round channel in the sand of the cope £rom the sprue across the transfer lines. This is our runner. We slick the sand down smooth in the channel and fillet the junction at the sprue and end of our runner with our finger. On the topof the cope we cut the sprue openingintoa funnel shape to fom a pouring basin. Now we blow away with molder's bellows any loose sand from both faces of the cope and through the pouring basin and sprue. The cope is now finished. Thereasonwe completely f i s h the cope first without touching thedrag is simple.

This is called jumping jackets. Jackets must be carefully placed on the molds so a s not to shift the cope and drag. The jackets must be kept in good shape and fit the molds like a glove. A tapered snap flask and tapered jackets work best due to the taper. See Fig. 4-14. upsn When you need a taller cope section or drag section, then the flask on hand you use a frame of the required additional depth ECUP TABS Fig. 4-13. Tapered slip flask. FLASK Fig. 4-16. Floor mold damps. needed. The inside of the frame is provided with four or more metal strips or tabs which fit down into the flask to hold it in place during molding.

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