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Communitas is electrified fellowship; a group's excitement in sharing universal reviews; being 'in the sector' - as in tune, game, and paintings; the experience felt via a bunch while their existence jointly takes on complete which means. The adventure of communitas, virtually past strict definition and with nearly never-ending adaptations, frequently looks unexpectedly.

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Everyone is suddenly confronted with the temporary condition of their lives. 13 Within the mhendi phase, the clown-like figure also embodies something that is related especially to liminal contexts. Liminality is the milieu of the interstices of mundane order and common sense. It is fluidly unexpected. 14 Here are the inversions again. ” The unknown is ahead. Clowns There are thousands of clowns in human culture. Like communitas, the clown, a symbolic type, melts and dissolves hardened structures.

At these times, they are a united visionary organism, and the vision rises before them, magnified; we can see every cell. A much simpler and more immediate version of festivals is laughter. It should be noted how the stories in this book deliberately skip from one major culture area to another. This is partly to show how communitas foxes the reader, and partly to show the commonalities. Laughter, a Category of the Festive One has a sense that laughter itself is a welcoming-in, a recognition of the ineffability of communitas—communitas is too absurd to exist.

The unknown is ahead. Clowns There are thousands of clowns in human culture. Like communitas, the clown, a symbolic type, melts and dissolves hardened structures. In Pueblo and Apache rituals and among many other Native American celebrations, in medieval England, all through the East, and at African funerals, a clown figure may enter some scene of tribal solemnity and push itself between the people and the sacred figure. The clown manages to disentangle people from their proper, respectful attitude to the religious figures.

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