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By YOSHITSUGU HAYASHI, Tetsuzo Yasunari, Hiroshi Kanzawa, Hirokazu Kato

This e-book is an end result of the symposium “Towards Earth pleasant Use of assets and Energy,” equipped through the Nagoya college middle of Excellence application “From Earth process technology to easy and medical Environmental stories” and provides papers through 4 eminent researchers. 1) Syukuro Manabe, who used to be commemorated in 2008 by means of the Earth corridor of status Kyoto, including Ms. Maathai and Ms. Brundtland, describes the mechanisms of utmost climate, drought, and flood that have been as a result of weather switch because of CO2 emissions. 2) Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker, co-chair of the membership of Rome, describes “Factor four and five” ideas equivalent to technological development and remodeling socioeconomic structures, e.g. taxation, and stresses the significance of humanity. three) Hans-Peter Dürr, ex-president of the Max Planck Physics Institute as a successor of Heisenberg, explains the mechanism of a residing Earth sustained by way of gathered power assets supplied by means of the sunlight. He clarifies some extent on retaining the dynamic balance of minerals and lifestyles on the earth. four) Shohei Yonemoto, a well known political scientist targeting sustainability, explains environmental politics and why the IPCC and UNFCCC framework have been tested in accordance with precaution ideas. He places ahead a brand new inspiration known as futurology, which considers inhabitants and nutrition difficulties from a Malthusian perspective and accommodates them into concerns corresponding to weather swap and average mess ups. This publication is written and in accordance with an easy yet concrete inspiration and offers the readers with an opportunity to think about the form of destiny Earth.

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Developing countries, on the other hand, must 1 The idea of raising energy tax in stages while at the same time lowering pension premiums. George W. Bush was the then President. 2 2 Factor 5: Towards an Affluent Society with Least Use of Resources 49 increase energy efficiency to five times what it is now, which is technically possible for sure. Imura: Although the population increase in developing countries may be a problem, this seems to be a good idea if emissions rights quotas are set based on the population at a certain time.

What is important is not how many dollars we have. It may be better to consider how much glucose we have and how much glucose we are entitled to use. We need to know how much glucose the sun provides and how much of it we will be allowed to have. 3 Life and Matter Are Unstable What is happening now is this: what allows life on Earth to continue? Life is composed of atoms. Life exists in an unstable condition rather than in a stable condition. It exists because it is unstable. It may be said that there is a process called life.

U. von Weizsäcker Three Methods of Decarbonization I think there are three methods of decarbonization. Although there may be other methods, let us consider these three here. The first is to obtain energy without emitting CO2. The second is to become wealthy without using energy. And the third option is not to seek wealth. Which one would you choose? The first option “to obtain energy without emitting CO2” probably seems to be the most realistic methodology. Examples of this choice include wind power, solar light and nuclear power.

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