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Presents secondary institution lecturers with quite a lot of hugely inventive feedback for school room starters and plenaries. >

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The number of deaths per 1,000 people in the population, per year.

Variations ◆ For added challenge, ask students to include other key words in their definition. For example, ‘neurone’ and ‘signal’ in a definition of ‘reflex actions’. ◆ This activity can also work as a more straightforward recall exercise of key term definitions you have already provided. Start the next lesson by asking students to recall the meaning of the word, and format it as a dictionary entry. ◆ For a fun twist, challenge students to guess, from a number of options, the real dictionary definition of a word.

Variations ◆ Sometimes it is logistically easier for the whole class to have the same questions – but you can still ask students to suggest the questions. Give them a few minutes to prepare, and then start the quiz, asking students to offer suggestions for the next question as you go along. ◆ Pre-determine the type of question students can ask. You could limit them to true/false questions, multiple choice, or fuller answer questions. Or give examples of all these options, and encourage students to use a mixture.

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