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By Ted Dekker

Infrequent is the tale that takes readers out of this international and into one other. Rarer nonetheless the tale that captures center, soul, and mind...leaving the reader eternally remodeled. this can be that tale. Dive deep and input the Circle. The Circle is an epic tale of evil and rescue, betrayal and love, and terrorist risk in contrast to something the human race has ever recognized. It beings while a guy named Thomas hunter unearths himself being chased down an alley after operating the overdue shift at a espresso condo. whilst a bullet grazes his head, he awakens in a completely diversified truth. Now at any time when he falls asleep, he wakes up within the different reality--and each selection he makes affects the destiny of 2 worlds. in the end, all 4 novels during this groundbreaking sequence were introduced jointly in a single adrenaline-laced quantity. 4 novels. Worlds. One Story. 

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He had to make his move before they entered the alley. Fingers of panic stabbed into his mind. Adrenaline dulls reason; panic kills it. Makatsu again. Thomas had once been beaten to a pulp by a gang of Filipinos who’d taken a pledge to kill any Americano brat who entered their turf. They made the streets around the army base their turf. His instructor had scolded him, insisting that he was good enough to have escaped their attack that afternoon. His panic had cost him dearly. His brain had been turned to rice pudding, and he deserved the bruises that swelled his eyes shut.

4 THOMAS WASN’T sure if it was the heat or the buzzing that woke him, but he woke with a start, snapped his eyes open, and squinted. Impressions registered in his mind like falling dominoes. The blue sky. The sun. The black trees. A lone bat perched high above him, like a deformed vulture. Thomas held perfectly still and stared up through slits, determined to make sense of what was happening. He’d just had another incredibly lifelike dream of a place called Denver. For a fleeting moment he felt relieved that his dream was only that, a dream.

If they knew where we lived, they would be here already,” he said.

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