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Thus, when we wish to produce a positive voltage, the half-bridge (K2 , K4 ) is switched to position cb = 0 (modulating ca ); for a negative output voltage, half-bridge (K1 , K3 ) is switched to state ca = 0 (modulating cb ). In concrete terms, to create a strategy of this type, intersective PWM is used (see Appendix 1), for which we use two triangular, unipolar and opposite sub-carriers (varying between 0 and +Pmax for switching function ca and between −Pmax and 0 for switching function cb ). 5.

2. Modulation by intersective PWM The application of intersective PWM to the control of three-phase inverters involves generalizing the technique used for the single-phase inverter and the current-reversible two quadrant chopper: an additional control input is applied for the switches on one supplementary half-bridge. As in the case of the single-phase inverter, we then define the duty ratio αx associated with half-bridge x as the average value of the connection function cx . We can then produce the expression of the “low frequency” voltages vxN supplied to the load.

E. 13. 13. Control signals and voltages in full wave modulation 59 60 Power Electronics Applied to Industrial Systems and Transports 2 We see that the line-to-line voltages present visible sequences of the form −U0 , 0, +U0 and 0. These states are maintained for periods of Td /3, Td /6, Td /3 and Td /6 respectively. Therefore, the Fourier series decomposition of voltage uab is as follows: ∞ uab = U2p+1 . 43] In this expression, we see that the spectrum contains not only odd harmonics (the usual result), but that all harmonics which are multiples of 3 have an amplitude of zero (harmonics 3, 9, 15, etc).

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