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That warrior soul mounted his mule, and, accompanied by two priests and a body-guard, set out for the spot, some twenty-five leagues south of Monterey. " the Holy Church! Come to the faith of Jesus Christ Inasmuch as there was not a Gentile (Indian) in sight, and no church, and as his conduct was altogether unusual, his companions thought he had gone mad. But who knows what visions of the future flashed across his vision on that brilliant July morning? Given a starved and neglected body, a brain filled with the poisons of that body, an inner altar upon which the flame never burned low, surround these deviations from the normal by the blue and gold of a California morning, a thousand choirs of birds, the exquisite scents of the virgin earth, and visions follow as a matter of course.

With the Te Deum the religious ceremonies finished and the military ceremonies began. , King of Spain. The day on the beach. The brave and hungry, but happy. Not only San Carlos de Monterey been founded, finished with a great feast little band was had the Mission tired of but a royal presidio. When the barracks were built the high stockade in- cluded not only the quarters of the governor and his and barracks for the soldiers and peons, but a and rooms for the missionaries. Later a Castillo (fort) was erected on an eminence above the harbor, and the presidio was rebuilt far from the shore and officers parish chapel about a large plaza.

In late Pliocene the Coast Range subsided once more, and only a long low chain of obstinately above the sea hills held their heads and broke the ponderous at- tacks of the Sierra's old enemy. It was ditring the Pliocene, late Tertiary, about six htm- dred thousand years ago, that the Coast Range achieved known as the Merced, her wonderful series of deposits which may be seen to-day along the edge of the ocean near San Francisco. The deposit is a mile in thickness, and at its base is what the sea has left of an old pine forest.

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