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1962 and References p. 43/44 34 BENGT FALCK unpublished observations) demonstrated that in mollusc ganglia not only 5-HT, but also DA is present in high concentrations, and that these amines are localized to neurons. Thus, 4 monoamines have so far been shown to occur in neurons: NA, A, DA and 5-HT. To avoid confusion it seems more appropriate to reserve the term “adrenergic” for structures which in fact contain A. The term adrenergic should be replaced by “monoaminergic” and the different neurons in the monoaminergic system should be called noradrenergic, dopaminergic, serotonergic and adrenergic.

The nerve cells on which the fibres are superimposed do not show a fluorescence due to the treatment with formaldehyde, but may contain autofluorescent granules emitting a brown-yellow to red-brown light. Practically none of the intracerebral fluorescent fibres seem to innervate blood vessels. No observable changes of the fluorescent LOCALIZATION OF MONOAMINES 37 Fig. 4. Numerous fluorescent terminals in the periventricular nucleus of the anterior hypothalamus. Magnification: 150 x . structures are found after bilateral cervical sympathectomy and, except for the pineal body, fluorescent fibres associated with intracerebral vessels are seldom seen.

The drugs cause central stimulation, as is well known, but again there is no strict temporal correlation with total monoamine levels. Excitation does not seem to set in until the monoamines have already reached high values. This lag may indicate that excess liberation of monoamines to postsynaptic receptors does not set in until the stores have been maximally filled. , 1960). In any event there is good reason for the assumption that the syndrome caused by a monoamine oxidase inhibitor such as nialamide is mediated by monoamines.

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