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Listed below are stories of outstanding advances made in anthropology, archaeology, astronomy, and linguistics, tales of the Anasazi, the "old ones" of the southwestern barren region, of the nice explorers, eccentrics, dreamers, scientists, cranks, and geniuses. "There's no finish to the record, of course," Connell says, "because progressively it descends from such mythical contributors to ourselves while, as young ones, obsessed via that very same urge, we bought permission to sleep within the backyard."

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Alan W. Harris of the Space Science Institute noted (and was also stated by Dr. Jay Melosh, another impact expert) that 8 s is an impossibly long time for a fireball to last which results in such a small crater. Finally, the position of the crater is offset by a full 1°, or 30 km (19 mi), from the center of the flare, based on careful measurements of Mr. Stuart’s image by Sky & Telescope editors Dennis di Cicco and Gary Seronik, and by Westfall himself. Remarkable Collisions Based on the available evidence, it seems more and more likely that the 1953 Lunar flare was not an impact of a meteor, but some other phenomenon.

While I was observing this area I witness a bright flash at 9:00 pm CST. The bright flash was located approximately 100 miles west of the crater Archimedes. It was located well into the dark zone terminator. The flash was bright enough to dazzle my eye for a few seconds and had the appearance of diamond twinkling in the sunlight. I have over the years corresponded with 4–5 others who have reported seeing impacts on the Moon. I have also corresponded with an observer who reported seeing several flashes on the dark side of the Moon with his naked eye.

In each of these cases, scientists have had an opportunity to study impact events under different conditions. In the 1908 case, the event was studied only after the impact, and in both the 1908 and 1953 cases, there is uncertainty as to the true cause of each event. In the case of the Apollo experiments, there was little doubt as to the origin of the seismic signals (either moonquakes or meteoroid impacts). And with the Shoemaker-Levy 9 event, scientists had over 16 months to prepare for the actual impact events they knew were coming.

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