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V == Overflow Flag. This flag is set when an addition or subtraction prod uces a resu It greater than 127 or less than -128. It is used in applications involving signed numbers. N == Negative Flag. This flag indicates whether or not the result of a signed arithmetic operation produced a negative result. Box 1. Status flags 40 Atari Assembly Language Programmer's Guide CPU Operation A machine language program is nothing more than a series of numbers stored as bytes in memory . When a computer is executing a program it goes through a fundamental sequence that is repeated over and over again.

Move massive amounts of data (500 to 1000 bytes) from one place to another. An example is a routine to redefine the character set that may move 512 or 1024 bytes. 2. Change the values in one or more hardware registers at intervals in either space or time . The values placed in the registers often come from a table. To illustrate, a table driven display list interrupt routine changes color values at screen (space) intervals. While a music program changes notes in sound registers at timed intervals .

Indirect Indexed Addressing: This is a two byte instruction that combines the concept of an intermediate storage location (indirect addressing) with the use of Page Zero and the V-index register. Since it is an indirect mode, the operand identifies the location where the base address is stored. In particular, the operand is the location in Page Zero of the Lo-Byte of the base address. The Hi-Byte of the base address is in the next higher Page Zero location. Because it is an indexed mode, the contents of the Y-register are added to the value of the base address to obtain an effective address used by the instruction.

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