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IP. 57 sq. 087 sq. v 3. much ft. (area of the tube). 8 cu. ft. When we pour molasses frojn a jug, why is the stream so larger near the nozzle than at some distance from it? Because, according to the law of falling bodies, the further the molasses falls the faster it falls. The stream, therefore, becomes smaller as it breaks up into drops. moves more swiftly, until, at last, it ANSWERS TO PRACTICAL QUESTIONS 3O to extend into a barrel beyona the staves * because cross currents would be produced, which would interfere with the free passage of the liquid.

Does the air feel colder on a Because fresh portions of cold contact with our bodies. with a burning- air are windy day ? brought constantly in In what did the miracle of Gideon 's fleece consist ? The hard threshing-floor was a better conductor of heat than the porous fleece hence, naturally, the dew would In collect on the latter more readily than en the former. 49. ; the miracle, the conditions remaining the same, the results in the two cases were reversed. (Judges, vi. ) 50. Could a burning-lens be made of ice ?

Why is the second image seen in the mirror, Fig. 134, brighter than the firct? The first is formed by reflection from the glass, and the As the latter is a better reflector, second from the mercury. ANSWERS TO PRACTICAL QUESTIONS 38 the second image will be brighter. Each image after that will be weakened by the repeated reflection. 27. Which can be heard at the greater distance, noise or music f Other things being equal, music will penetrate much further than noise. Boatmen call to each other, at a distance, in a musical tone.

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