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By A. Lynn Martin

This booklet examines consuming and attitudes to alcohol intake in past due medieval and early glossy England, France, and Italy, specially as they with regards to sexual and violent habit and to gender family members. in line with common ideals, the intake of alcohol ended in elevated sexual intercourse between either women and men, and it additionally resulted in disorderly behavior between ladies and violent behavior between males. A. Lynn Martin indicates how alcohol was once a basic a part of the diets of most folk, together with girls, leading to day-by-day ingesting of huge quantities of ale, beer, or wine. This learn deals an intimate perception into either the altered states brought on through alcohol, and, through competition, into common family in relations, group, and society.

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Ii) had to inform her that Romeo had killed her cousin Tybalt, the stressful situation made the nurse request some aqua vitae for herself. v) when she found Juliet lying deathlike on her bed she called, Alas, alas! Help, help! my lady’s dead! O, well-a-day, that ever I was born! Some aqua vitae, ho! my lord, my lady! 94 Playing with statistics The use of statistics on aggregate consumption of alcohol in traditional Europe poses problems of interpretation and precision. According to Thomas Brennan, the use of such statistics fails to consider the social and cultural functions of drink.

Sometimes these authors addressed their warnings to men. 63 Some authors included women in their warnings. 64 In I libri della famiglia Leon Battista Alberti Sex and Alcohol 45 wrote, ‘The doctors say, and they give ample reasons, that if a mother or father are low and troubled because of drink … it is reasonable to expect the children to manifest these troubles. ’65 Robert Burton in his Anatomy of Melancholy, first published in 1621, cited ancient Greek authorities on the harmful effects of alcohol on the unborn to make a similar argument: ‘If a drunken man get a child, it will never likely have a good brain … .

Wine presented more of a problem because it had to last until the next vintage, and wines were prone to spoil, especially as a result of the unsophisticated winemaking technology and before the widespread use of the cork and the bottle. Rather than discard undrinkable wine people tried to salvage it by various means. 147 Other factors might help explain away the special circumstances of women. Perhaps the women who received rations of ale or wine in wills and maintenance agreements or as wages sold them to buy food Women and Alcohol 35 rather than drank them.

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