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By Zev Levin, William R. Cotton

This ebook studies present wisdom at the dating among aerosols and precipitation attaining the Earth's floor. It incorporates a checklist of thoughts that can support to farther boost wisdom during this area.

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Cotton, S. Yuter Yin et al. 2000a). The droplets that form are large enough for coalescence to start immediately even before the droplet reaches its critical size, based on the Kohler equation.

For example, in the atmosphere there are a number of organic materials that are not wettable. To the extent that a substance has a non-zero contact angle, its ability to serve as a CCN will be hindered. The surface tension of the solution formed by condensation onto a soluble particle will also affect the subsequent growth of the solution droplet. This is because for the Kelvin effect the energy barrier that has to be overcome for a droplet to be activated varies as the third power of the surface tension (Wallace and Hobbs 2006).

1973; Beard and Ochs 1993; Ochs et al. 1995), between drops over the range 1À300 microns. It is generally assumed that coalescence efficiencies are close to unity for small droplet collisions. Fig. 12 Calculated values of the collision efficiency, E, for collector drops of radius r1 with droplets of radius r2 (adapted with modifications from Pruppacher and Klett 1997) 2 Principles of Cloud and Precipitation Formation 35 Fig. 13 Schematic curves of the growth of a drop (a) by condensation and (b) by collection of droplets The basic problem is how do drops grow to a radius of 20 mm or greater fast enough to allow precipitation growth during the lifetime of clouds?

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