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35) Therefore, Eb = P(z) · Tb = Tb · Re Se Z0 ∞ ∞ −∞ −∞ dr+ dr− M11 (r+ , r− , z) exp − 2 2 1 2 r+ − 2 r− a2e 2ae . (36) We consider QPSK modulation which is very popular among satellite communications. It is known that BER in QPSK modulation is defined by PE = 1 erfc 2 Eb N0 , (37) Theoretical Analysis of Effects of Atmospheric Turbulence Bit ofError Rate for Satellite in Ka-band Theoretical Analysison of Effects Atmospheric Turbulence on Bit Error Communications Rate for Satellite Communications in Ka-band 39 11 where erfc( x ) is the complementary error function.

We analyze the DOC and the BER derived from the average received power for the uplink and the downlink, respectively. Furthermore, we analyze the effect of atmospheric turbulence on the BER when we make an aperture radius of the ground station’s antenna large in order to increase the antenna gain and improve BER performance. Sec. 4 provides a summary of this chapter and subjects to resolve in future. 2. 1 Moment of received waves We assume that an inhomogeneous random medium, which represents atmospheric turbulence, is characterized by fluctuations of the dielectric constant.

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