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Half I supplies an in depth, self-contained and mathematically rigorous exposition of classical conformal symmetry in n dimensions and its quantization in dimensions. The conformal teams are made up our minds and the appearence of the Virasoro algebra within the context of the quantization of two-dimensional conformal symmetry is defined through the category of vital extensions of Lie algebras and teams. half II surveys extra complex themes of conformal box thought reminiscent of the illustration idea of the Virasoro algebra, conformal symmetry inside of string idea, an axiomatic method of Euclidean conformally covariant quantum box concept and a mathematical interpretation of the Verlinde formulation within the context of moduli areas of holomorphic vector bundles on a Riemann floor.

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M. j { V e Y~" llVgj-~Vlgjll < ~ for j = 1 , . . ,n } ~u(x) is open. (We have shown, that the map ~" U(H) ---. ) Hence, D is an open neighborhood of 1/1. e. vf(P) = $I(U)U. This implies [[vl(P)gj - ulgjll < IIZ~(u)ugj - z ~ ( u ) v i g j l l + I I @ ( U ) - 1)Vlgjll < 6 ~+~ E for j = 1 , . . e. vf(P) 6 B. Hence, the image vf(D) of the neighborhood D of V1 is contained in B. 2 Bargmann 's Theorem 55 is a differentiable principal fibre bundle. The difficulty in defining a Lie-group structure on the unitary group lies in the fact that the corresponding Lie algebra should contain the (bounded and unbounded) self-adjoint operators on ]HI.

Then, for i = Lie I and/~ = Lie R the sequence 0 > LieA J >LieE > LieG >0 is a central extension of Lie algebras. • In particular, every central extension E Of the Lie group G by U(1) 1 >U(1) >E R>G >1 with a differentiable homomorphism R induces a central extension 0 >IR > LieE > LieG >0 of the Lie algebra Lie G by the abelian Lie algebra R ~ iR LieU(l). • The Virasoro algebra is the central extension of the Witt algebra (cf. Sect. 5). 2 An exact sequence of Lie algebra homomorphisms 0 ~a >0 ~ g >0 splits if there is a Lie-algebra homomorphism /3 " g ~ l] with r o/3 = idg.

The crucial property is the associativity of the multiplication, which is guaranteed by the condition (4)" ((a, x)(b, y))(c, z) = (w(x, y)ab, xy)(c, z) = = = = y)abc, yz) (a, (a, (y, z) z, Vz) y), z)). yz) yz) The other properties are easy to check. 11 This yields a correspondence between the maps w" G × G ~ A having the property (~) and the central extensions of G byA. 6 is of the type U(1) x~ G. How do we get a suitable map w : G × G ---, U(1) in this situation? 2 there is an element Ug e U(]E) with ~(Ug) = Tg.

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