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By W. South Coblin

The middle of the paintings is a systematically prepared directory of 2,558 sound glosses and 345 Buddhist transcriptions. chinese language characters in every one access are provided with center chinese language and japanese Han reconstructed types.

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The western portion extends west of the Han-gu Pass to include the Chang-an ^^ area. As we shall see below, it is unlikely that the eastern and western parts of Sili could have formed a common dialect unit. Jing jpj corresponds to the Chu area of FY. Yang fll corresponds to the region occupied by the southeastern dialects of FY. In addition, its northwestern corner includes an area northwest of the Yangtze River which was part of the earlier JiangHuai area. Bing #, Liang SR, and Yi & correspond to the Guanxi area of FY.

Was a native of Goushi J§sJ£ (about forty-five kilometers southeast of Luoyang). 22a states that he was a student of Liu Xin^iJe^Cob. D. 23) and, on completing his studies, returned to his native place to teach. 3) studied under him. It is probable that he spoke his native dialect and was also familiar with the language of Chang-an, where he must have gone to study with Liu Xin. Du wrote a now lost commentary on ZL, passages from which are preserved in Zheng Xuan's ZL commentary. Sixty-five loangraph glosses of Du Zichun occur in our data.

HtH^j/g P-TiiwaO'C ^jaubwasak 'jau pwa thieilaliennagjat 'a kja nzi- taka Skt. upasaka Skt. upatisya Skt. ratnakara Skt. akanistha Sanskrit medial -t- and -c-were probably voiced in the underlying language(s). The extent to which -p- and -k- were voiced remains problematical. 4. Sanskrit intervocalic p sometimes became -v- in the Prakrits (Pischel 1900:147, section 199;Woolner 1928:14; Burrow 1937:8;Brough 1962:87). In a number of cases Skt. -p- is rendered by MC yw-, jw-, and jiw- in BTD. These initials are regularly used to transcribe Skt.

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