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Kartavadu, in a lord. 6. ABlat. kartavadudu, from, by or through a lord. 7. Comm, 8. Vocat. kartavada, to a lord. ^FS3e) lord! kartava, 44. 2ND 2. EXAMPLE. , Crude form: Singular. 1. bele, work, beleda, of 2. work, belegu, to work. 3. * belenu, work, 4. Accus. 5. Locat. beledu, in work, 6. ^Wa^. beledudu, from, by or through work. 7. Comm. 8. Focaf. a, bele, to work, work! 23 Substantive ending in kartave, AQ. a lord. Plural * kartaveru, lords, kartavere, of lords, kartaveregu, to lords, kartaverenu, lords, kartaveredu, in lords.

C. Crude form: Primage, a son. Plural. Singular. 1. of mothers. mage, a son. magadlu, sons. 5 2. Gen. 3. Dat. maga, of a son. magaku, magadle, of sons, to a son. magadlegu, to sons. TJ &c &c- &c. &c. VERBAL NOUNS. 50. Verbal Nouns ending in S3^) (as, doing or the act of doing) have no s^^^s^ malpunavu, plural. Singular. malpunavu, doing, or the act of doing, 1. Norn. 2. Gen. 3. Dat. malpuneku, 4. Accus. malpunenu, the act of doing, 5. Locat. 6. Ablat. 7. Comm. malpuneta, of the act of doing, to the act of doing, malpunetu, in the act of doing, s C9 malpunedudu, from, by or through the act of doing.

6. Ablat. 7. Comm. malpuneta, of the act of doing, to the act of doing, malpunetu, in the act of doing, s C9 malpunedudu, from, by or through the act of doing. Ipuneta, to the act of doing. 31 OF ADJECTIVES. 'J. There are very few Simple Adjectives 51. in the Tulu supplied by turning Substantives into Adjectives by affixing to them the participles of the This defect language. &> Auxiliary Verbs to be danti, to become, and wcks^i aduppuni, have become) and the negative participle who, which, and that, have not.

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