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A primary restrict theorem is given for uniformly infinitesimal triangular arrays of random variables within which the random variables in every one row are exchangeable and take values in a in the community compact moment countable abclian staff. The restricting distribution within the theorem is Gaussian.

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The essential question, whether considerable enantiomer excesses – such as was reported in 1997 by Engel & Macko and Cronin & Pizzarello – were formed due to the interaction of interstellar circularly polarized light or any other mechanism prior to the entry of the extraterrestrial material on Earth, or during the entry process itself as a remote possibility, too, could only be answered finally by in situ measurements on meteoritic parent bodies, cometary nuclei, or interstellar ice analogues at interstellar temperature.

Both molecules are superimposable with their mirror images and therefore achiral. 1 Amino Acids and Chemical Reactions: A Guided Tour 19 The essential difference between chiral and achiral molecules is that chiral molecules do not possess a plane of symmetry;1 achiral molecules, on the other hand, do have a plane of symmetry. In Fig. 2, the paper plane is this plane of symmetry. Any structure that has no plane of symmetry can exist as enantiomers. Any structure – on the other hand – with a plane of symmetry cannot exist as two enantiomers.

3 Chiral Molecules in Comets It is generally assumed that organic molecules must have existed in solar nebular grains before comets formed. These molecules were incorporated into the comets’ nuclei during their formation (Huebner and Boice 1992; Greenberg et al. 1994; Mu˜noz Caro et al. 2002). In addition to this, there is increasing evidence that these organic molecules showed enantiomeric excesses since they had been subjected to chiral interstellar fields (Bonner 1995a; Meierhenrich et al. 2005b).

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