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By James Roeder

Shaped in California in Dec of '42 and outfitted with P-39s. multiple 12 months later, the gang used to be thrown into wrestle flying P-51 Mustangs opposed to the Luftwaffe. The historical past & strive against operations from its formation to the tip of the battle in Europe. Over a hundred and forty images, eight pages colour profiles, sixty four pages.

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Luftwaffe Sturmgruppen

The 'storm soldiers' of the Luftwaffe, the elite Strumgruppen devices comprised the main seriously armed and armoured fighter interceptors ever produced via the Germans. Their position was once to ruin like a strong fist during the massed ranks of USAAF sunlight bombers. purely volunteers may perhaps serve with those elite devices, and every pilot was once educated to shut with the enemy and have interaction him in super short-range strive against, attacking from front and the rear in tight arrowhead formations.

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